Information reaching the office of GhanaSky.com through Ghana Informer by the help of our reporters indicate that, an internal NDC intelligence memo, prepared with the help of BNI and National Security by Baba Kamara, National Security Advisor to John Mahama, has concluded that the NDC will not win the elections at the polls. In his Memo, Baba Kamara states:

 "It is now becoming obvious and increasingly clear that our opponents are fired up and momentum is on their side"

It also concludes, and confirms what former Transport Minister, Dzifa Attivor said, that John Mahama's cabal of close friends and family members who constitute the looting brigade are scared of going to jail for the billions of dollars they have stolen and stashed away. The Memo states: "unless we act quickly and remind ourselves of the implications of an electoral defeat this year, we might find ourselves in a deep hole. I cannot sum it better that what DZIFA ATTIVOR suggested when she indicated on a political platform, in the early part of the year, that a win for our opponents would mean a majority of us serving time in jail."

For them, now, the election is a zero-sum game. It's a life and death matter, so they have to pull all the stops to win. Again, the Memo states: "we need to [resurrect, immediately, a repetition of the old-school modus operandi which saw through our victory during the last election."

Among the several methods it discusses - which we're reserving for later - are the following:

   - detonate explosives in key opposition constituencies, not only to scare people away but to maim or kill at least a few, and blame NPP members for it. For this reason, the NDC has brought in an Austrian explosives expert, Dieter MoĆ«ller, to train operatives, the Explosives Team, led by Yaw Boateng Gyan, for the exercise. Before that, Dieter has been in Dubai with Mahama's team, testing out explosives in the desert

- a second team, the Ballot Snatchers, are being trained in military grade weapons usage. Their role is to snatch Ballot boxes, after firing shots to disperse people. However, there is a worry that police and other security officers at Polling Stations might return fire, so they are being equipped, together with the explosives team, with bulletproof vests.

- then there is the Arson Squad. Their role is simply to burn EC offices and Police Stations where the ballot papers are being kept, either before voting starts (to delay the start), or after, to prevent recounting, or verifications. These are also to be supplied with fireproof vests.

In furtherance of these diabolic acts, a local firm was used to import the items. Our information is that Ibrahim Mahama personally accompanied the owner of the firm, with National Security officers, to clear the items, which are now in storage in an undisclosed location.

As per the Memo, the overall coordinator of these terror operations is Julius Debrah, the Chief of Staff.

This is just a small part of NDC's plan, orchestrated and directed from the Presidency. The rest of the contents of the Intelligence Memo are scary indeed, and will be revealed in the course of the week.

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