Upcoming actress, Bibi Bright, has been making loads of startling revelations on Instagram since yesterday and she seems not to have been done with her public revelations.

Well, in one of her numerous posts, she disclosed that her fellow actress, Nana Akua told her that Becca came after her baby daddy and that Becca's former manager, Kiki wasn't managing Becca well in terms of fuc.king.

She again disclosed that Nana Akua told her that, all Becca does is to sleep with Nigerian men for money and more.

Bibi Bright claims she’s on a mission to get the movie industry active once again. According to her, characters like Nana Akua Addo who is just interested in back-backing and badmouthing people needs to be put on a blast.

Check out the screenshot below:

Source: thebigtriceonline

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