Mr. Eric Ansah Andor - Techiman Fire Service Commander. 
A Techiman Municipal Fire Commander is in a critical condition after his penis was chopped off by a 24-year-old woman for attempting to rape her in her room.

Narrating her ordeal to Adom News’ Agya Wusu, the victim said she works with Mr. Eric Ansah Andor at the Techiman Fire Service at Techiman in the Brong Ahafo Region.

According to her, she was at home one day when Mr Ansah came with his cloths to have them washed.

The victim said, after offering her boss water and was returning to the kitchen to start washing the clothes, he dragged her from behind and started abusing her sexually.

The lady said, she initially tried defending herself but the man threatened her and was left with no option than to give in.

“I offered him water and in an attempt to enter my other room I resisted initially and later he threatened me saying “he is the commander and so anything he wants he gets it” and because he said that I got sacred he would do something bad to me.

"I decided to play to his gallery on the bed and I told him I am ready and so he should do whatever he wants to do with me but after romancing with him for three minutes, I grabbed his penis and bit it hard.

She noted that, after biting Mr Ansah, he started bleeding profusely and so called for help from their office. The fire officer was later rushed to the Dr. Kesse Hospital at Techiman for medical attention.

The incident she added, has been reported to the Techiman Police station who has begun investigations into the matter.

Source: adomonline

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