Global heads of state are continuing to arrive in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou for the G20 Summit, which will be held on September 4 and 5.

China treats security with the utmost care like not just locking down part of the city but the whole juggernaut.

The city [Hangzhou] and China have been preparing for this for MONTHS. Pretty much, this is a security high profile event. Lock down means just that! China started locking down the city two months before the event. How do they do it? They paid locals they see as a risk to leave the city months before the event.

They asked all the institutions issuing visas to foreigners to 'adjust'( ensure their clients are out of town). Now, any ordinary foreigner wanting to even network his or her way back in will have to be a "BIG BIG FISH". If Your not invited don't go. It's not really an option.  Curfew is everywhere and its been  VERY DIFFICULT to move around in the city of Hangzhou.
Hangzhou is beautiful and a place to call "home".


The President of Argentina Mauricio Macri was the first among G20 world leaders to arrive on Friday morning. He is on his first visit to China since taking office in 2015.

Argentina is said to chair the G20 Summit in 2018.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo also landed in Hangzhou and met with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday. Xi noted that China and Indonesia have always been good neighbors, partners, and friends. The two sides agreed to positively cooperate on the maritime silk roads and Global Maritime Axis to ensure the smooth implementation of the high-speed rail project between Jakarta and Bandung, and to expand cooperation in areas such as infrastructure investment, trade, finance, and e-commerce.

The first African head of State to arrive in China for the event was the Senegalese President.

Xi has also met with Senegalese President Macky Sall, who arrived in the host city on Thursday night. Xi said China and Senegal should continue to utilize the advantages of their economic complementarity, facilitate the process of industrialization and agricultural modernization, and closely cooperate on international affairs.

Macky said he appreciated the invitation to this G20 Summit as the chairman of the New Partnership for African Development (NEPAD), and noted his gratitude for China’s long-term support to Senegal and the African continent. He also said he believed the G20 Summit will install new energy to the global economy, especially to the economic development of the African continent.

South African President Jacob Zuma has also landed in Hangzhou on Friday. As the only permanent African member of the G20, South Africa is expected to raise issues concerning weak economic growth, terrorism and underdevelopment, which all affect the continent and the global South.

During his time in Hangzhou, Zuma is set to meet with his Chinese counterpart as well as leaders of the BRICS nations.

Meanwhile, the leaders of Chad, Laos, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Singapore as well as the newly-elected Brazilian President Michel Temer have also arrived in the city, among others.
The president of Chad has been invited as the current chair of the African Union, with Laos being the ASEAN Chair for 2016. Singapore has also been invited to take part in the summit as a guest country.

Other heads of State with likes President Barack Obama of the United States of America arrived yesterday in Hangzhou.

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