Politicians in the country are plotting to make the Christian Council and its affiliate religious organisations less influential as they have done to the Ghana Bar Association as well as the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS).

That's according to the General Secretary of the Christian Council of Ghana Rev Dr Kwabena Opuni Frimpong.

Digging deep into Ghana's political history, Rev Opuni Frimpong said the NUGS and the Bar Association used to be powerful forces, whose words and statements shook the foundations of the political leadership.

However after years of vilification and intimidation by the political class, the Rev Minister said the two, once influential associations have lost their power of influence.

Speaking on Joy FM's Ghana Connect program, Friday, the man of God suspects that is the same strategy the politicians want to adopt in dealing with religious leaders and associations in the country.

This week, the church and politics have been on a collision course following comments by the outgoing moderator of the Presbyterian Church, Rev Professor Emmanuel Martey.

Rev Martey alleged that apart from the open attempts to muzzle and stop him from commenting on political issues, there was an attempt by a political leader, whose identity he did not reveal, to bribe him with a whopping ¢100,000 and 4x4 vehicle and a house at Trassaco.

There has since been a counter allegation against him and widespread criticisms of the comments he made with others suggesting that the religious leaders must concentrate on spiritual leadership and leave the political issues to the political leaders.

The flagbearer of the APC, Mahama Ayariga also asked the religious leaders to "mind their business".

But Rev Opuni said the contribution of faith base leaders cannot be over emphasised and there is need for religious leaders to be active in all sectors of the country's development including politics.

"Years ago in this country, students in this country were very powerful. At the moment you don't get that; years ago Ghana Bar Association was so powerful, GJA and GPRTU were very powerful at the moment you don't get that. It is like the politicians have managed to silence social institutions, groups and they will be very happy if they can penetrate the churches," he said.

Akyena Brentuo a known student and political activist but now into the gospel who was also on the show said the Christian faith makes room for judgment and criticisms. So for the prophets who are insulted for the comments they must take solace in the belief that those criticisms are directed at God and to the religious leaders against whom these criticisms are made.

A member of the panel also indicated that some politicians fear accountability from people.
"The politicians fear accountability. Who holds the politician accountable in this country? he asked.

Source: Myjoyonline

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