Drama unfolded at a forum organized in the New Juaben Municipality of the Eastern region Thursday when the New Juaben Municipal Director of the National Commission for Civic Education, NCCE, Peter Larweh stormed out of a meeting when he was requested by participants to speak the Twi language.

Reports say the irate NCCE regional director immediately stopped his address midway and handed over the microphone yelling that he cannot be forced to speak in a language he was not fluent in.

He reportedly walked out of the meeting accusing the gathering of dictating to him.

The action of Mr. Larweh, according to Starr News’ Kojo Ansah, caused confusion and sparked rage among the gathering who demanded an immediate apology.

But the timely intervention of the Queen mother of New Juaben Nana Yaa Daani who was chair of the program calmed nerves as she stepped in to steer affairs.

Some of the participants who spoke to Starr News said they feel disrespected by the conduct of the NCCE director and want him punished.

The maiden Forum was organized by the New Juaben Youth Forum, a non-partisan youth organization aimed at encouraging issues-base campaign ahead of the 2016 electioneering.

The Executive Director of the New Juaben Youth Forum,Tetteh Hans Addo said the organization seeks to embark on vigorous public education to reduce the number of spoilt and rejected ballots recorded in general elections.

He said statistics available from the Electoral commission shows that out of the 11,246,982 cast in the 2012 Presidential election, 251,720 were invalid, which could have made positive impact on the results.

"the New Juaben Youth Forum is ready to partner with the various political parties ,the Electoral Commission ,the NCCE and citizens to organize mock voting in order to educate or teach voters the processes involved in casting a valid vote".

The Member of Parliament for New Juaben South Dr. Mark Asibe Yeboah who attended the program also gave stewardship of his tenure. He said despite the limited resources available to him, he has achieved a lot for the people of the area.

Source: Starrfm

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