Report reaching GhanaSky.com and Accra24.com through StarrFM reveal that, President John Mahama cannot deliver the 200 Community Day Senior High Schools before the end of his first term, the Deputy Education Minister, Samuel Okudjeto Ablakwa has revealed.

Mahama in the lead up to the 2012 general elections promised to build 200 Community day schools, but barely three months to the end of his first term only 10 out of the 200 are completed.

Speaking on Monday during the commissioning of the Agona Abodom Community Day Senior High School in the Central region, Mahama said apart from the 10 completed schools, there are about 123 others in various stages of completion.

Mahama’s failure to deliver the promise he made in the heat of the 2012 elections has courted stern criticisms from the opposition parties, especially the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

These criticisms, according to Ablakwa are unfounded and that even though the 200 promised cannot be achieved “70 conservatively will be completed.”

He said in an interview with Citi FM on Monday that Mahama's submission is honourable, despite the fact that only 10 schools have been completed.

He said “the honourable thing is what the president did this afternoon in Agona Abodom where he leveled up with the people of this country, accounted for the promise he made and how far we have come.

“200 were promised 123 are at various stages of completion; he is being transparent to the people, he is appealing to the good people of this country that please accept the challenges we have had and where we are now.”

He added, “but have the assurance that we are not abandoning this pledge, we did not seek to deceive you the good people of this country and if we are given another term we will complete the 200. We still remain committed to the pledge.

Source: Starrfm

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