Kumawood Actress Tracey Boakye
Kumawood actress-Tracey Boakye has recorded a video which she personally sent to Ghana Celebrities via Whatsapp, confirming that the world would have been far better if her mother had free access to abortion and she also gave credence to our statement “Nkurasesem Wo Kumawood.”

In the little over a minute video, Tracey Boakye proudly admits she is an illiterate cretin and therefore the power bank of insults (of course we know this already)—adding that, the Editor of Ghana Celebrities, Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri whom she admits she does not know or have never met before smells, forgetting that the stinking smell she was choking on was coming right from her own widely opened mouth.

There’s no distinction between lunacy and gross stupidity and this is all the evidence anyone needs.

And she also claims in the video Chris-Vincent is so broke he can’t even visit Ghana - ignorant to the fact that Chris-Vincent is everywhere, an undisputed globetrotter.

Then she boldly adds that she has been to London too, perhaps even before Chris-Vincent ever made it there—whatever that means, we are sure we’ve found our dumbass “celebrity’ of the year and we’ve decided to give the 15 minutes of fame she’s so desperate for.

Commenting on this, Chris-Vincent said:

    Sometimes ABORTION should not only be FREE - it should be recommended as the best option. The world would have been saved from the insane rhetoric of folks like Tracey Boakye and Donald Trump.

Credit: Ghana Celebrities

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