We all got our ambitions in life, right? Well gospel songstress Gifty Osei has disclosed that she will be the first Ghanaian gospel act to get BET nominations.

According to Aseda hitmaker, she believes she will get the nomination because even MzVee has gotten a BET nomination.

She was on Hitz Fm and when asked about her future plans and more, she said,

‘I will be the first Ghanaian gospel artiste to win the VGMAs, and I can tell you I will be the first Ghanaian act to make it to the BETs.'’

After Gifty Osei popularly refers to as Empress One made that statement about she being the first Ghanaian act that will make it to the BETs, the host gave his reservations and she replied,

“Arhh, don’t you believe me, I said I will be the first Ghanaian gospel act to make it to the BETs, even MzVee had BET nomination. I believe in the God that I’m serving and he will take me there.

If you take a close look at their nominations, they want acts that can sell Ghana to the rest of the world, so I just have to work on my brand and push it to the maximum, arrh even MzVee was nominated for the BETs.”

Gify Osei talking about the fact that MzVee had BET nominations, she believes that she will also get a nomination.

Source: thebigtriceonline

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