Credible information available to GhanaSky.com and Accra24.com through Accra Post has revealed that CEO of Imani Ghana, Franklin Cudjoe, is on the payroll of the Minister for Communications, Edward Omane Boamah.

According to GhanaSky.com analyst via Accra Post ,  the accounts Officer at Imani Ghana, who has worked with the Policy Think Tank for 6 years, told the Accra Post, on condition of anonymity, that bank records for Imani have seen consistent monthly payments of GH¢25,000 into the organisation’s accounts.

According to the Accounts Officer, “since July 26th this year, and consistently on the 26th day of the subsequent months, Franklin has ordered that I withdraw the GH¢25,000 that hits the company’s accounts for him, since it is payment he is receiving for consultancy work he is doing.”

The Accounts Officer, who says he has had a cordial relationship with Franklin Cudjoe for the last 3 years, further revealed that when he probed the IMANI boss further as to the nature of the “consultancy work” he is doing, he received the shock of his life.

“Frankie, as I call him, told me that this money is going to be a regular feature from hence, as the Minister for Communications, Edward Omane Boamah, is paying him that amount for work he will be doing for the Communications Ministry from June to December to 2016. In other words, he is being paid by Omani Boamah to work for government,” the alarmed officer told the paper.

The IMANI Accountant added that ‘Frankie’s attitude started changing from June, when I handed him his first tranche of the GH¢25,000. The objective Frankie I knew, who would take on government and work for the poor and oppressed in society, as espoused in our mantra ‘Advancing Freedom and Prosperity’, turned over a new leaf and started attacking anything the NPP brings out.”

It therefore came as no surprise to the accountant that “Frankie”, less than 45 minutes after Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia delivered his lecture on the State of the economy, Franklin Cudjoe, came out to try and ‘destroy’ Bawumia’s work.

“However, when the President delivered his Manifesto Highlights, many objective Ghanaians were looking forward to Franklin’s critique. It delayed, because Frankie said he was in the hospital. And when the critique came, unsurprisingly, it was a flowery adulation of President Mahama,” the accounts officer added.

The Accounts Officer, therefore, had a piece of advice for the NPP’s hierarchy and its teeming supporters.

“Frankie did the same thing in 2012 when the NPP promised Free SHS. He shot it down saying it was not feasible. Ask yourself why? In 2016, he has began again, by describing the 1-District-1-Factory, 1-Village-1-Dam, and 1-Constituency-1-Million dollars policies as not doable. Ask yourself why? A word to the wise is enough,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, the Acting Chief Director at the Ministry of Communications, Mr. Issah Yahaya, has confirmed to the Accra Post that the Minister, Edward Omane Boamah, has put Franklin Cudjoe on the payroll of the Ministry for “consultancy works” being offered to the Ministry.

When asked whether it would not be misconstrued as a form of bribery to do the bidding of government, Mr. Issah Yahaya burst out angrily saying “to hell with what you and what others think. We will do whatever we can do to make sure that President Mahama wins this election. Yes, we have bought Franklin Cudjoe, and we are buying more people. To hell with you.”

Source: GhanaSky.com but credit  to Abraham Dellor of Accra Post

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