Misunderstandings between the two families - patrilineal and matrilineal - of the late Daasebre Gyamenah has resulted in a court injunction being placed on the burial of the late musician.

The matrilineal family members of the musician argue that, per the norms of the people of Anomabo in the Central region, where Daasebre’s mum hails from, it is customary that his maternal family buries him.

In the same order, patrilineal family members of the musician are arguing that in an accordance with their tradition, the dad buries a son.

The patrilineal family of the late musician, since his untimely demise at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra on Friday, July 29, managed to resolve a near dispute with the Muslim community over who has the right to bury his mortal remains.

They agreed to bury the late musician on the October 14.

However, Joy News’ Eastern regional correspondent, Kofi Siaw reported on Hitz @1 on Hitz FM that the family is faced with a new battle.

“Last weekend, we had the information that those from his mother’s side [from Anomabo] had gone to the Koforidua High Court to secure an injunction to be placed on the funeral," he reported.

"According to them, even though Daasebre hails from Koforidua, in the Akan tradition, when somebody dies the matrilineal side are supposed to perform the burial ceremony hence their reason for the injunction placed on the burial of the late musician” he added.

Yaw Boateng, brother of the late Daasebre, speaking on Hitz @1 confirmed that their family have received an injunction and added that they are to appear in court on September 24.

When asked if any attempt has been made to negotiate with the matrilineal side of the late Daasebre on the matter, he stated that both families even agreed on the October 14 date for burial.

“Actually, we did because, during the one-week celebration, we both agreed on the date of the burial and everything. So we were there one day when they came to tell us that we need to bury him at Anomabo and stuff like that and we told them that in our tradition it is a dad who buries a son,” he said.

Yaw Boateng refuted claims that suggested that wishes of the delegation sent by the members of Daasebre’s maternal family were not heard during the one-week celebration of the late musician.

“No, because it was a delegation which came from Anomabo and my siblings also comes from that side which includes my senior brother who was also there so I don’t know where all these is coming from,” he added.

Sharing the next line of action of the patrilineal family, Yaw Boateng stated that they are ready to meet the matrilineal family in court.

“We are ready to meet them in court because that’s what they want because we tried negotiating and they told us to meet them in court for which they have served us a summon letter,” he said.

He added that, even though the misunderstanding between both sides of the family will be a possible disgrace to the memory of the late musician, they have no choice.

The late musician’s brother recalled that “Daasebre’s mum passed away when Daasebre was seven months old and it was our dad who took care of him and if you can recall, in all his interviews he will say that he’s from Koforidua. He never mentioned Anomabo," he said.

"When he even had this cocaine saga, when he came back, he came to Koforidua. We never heard of any Anomabo from anywhere. I believe it is our senior brother who’s leading all these issues so we are ready to meet them in court,” he said.

Lastly, he emphatically disclosed that they (the patrilineal family) won’t attend the funeral of the musician should the court rule in the favour of the mother’s family.

Source: Myjoyonline

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