Report reaching KWAHU.INFO shows that, the Vice President Bekoe Amissah-Arthur says it baffles him that Kwahus in the Eastern region do not vote for the National Democratic Congress.

He said his confusion stems from the fact that the Kwahus are for their entrepreneurial skills and the NDC as a party is identified with entrepreneurs.

“As for Kwahus your party is the NDC. I don’t understand why you vote for some other party instead of the NDC, and let me explain why. Everybody in Ghana knows that the Kwahus are independent people who prefer the informal sector to the formal sector and so that is why Mahama is providing roads for you to transport your goods and to do your business.

“ If it is roads you want, Mahama is providing them. He is providing water and the many other things you need to make living comfortable. So how come you decide to vote against the person working in the interest of your business? The fact is, if Kwahu will prosper as we all want, you need to vote for John Mahama because Kwahu is NDC and NDC is Kwahu,” Mr. Amissah-Arthur told a teeming crowd of NDC supporters at a rally in Kwahu in the Eastern region.

The Vice President who has been in the Eastern region since Thursday for campaign activities will be heading to the Ashanti region next week.

Meanwhile, he has promised to expose what he says are lies in the economic analysis of the country, delivered by the NPP running mate Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, as he embarks on his campaign.

Source: Kwahu.info but credit to StarrFMonline - Listen ON AIR Now

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