The Queen mother of New Edubiase in the Adansi South district of the Ashanti region, Nana Akua Dwum II, has urged men not to bite the nipple whilst sucking their wives’ breasts.

According to her, the best way to go about it is for men to use their tongues to lick the nipples and not the teeth.

The Queen mother complained that some men do not know how to suck the breast at all and that they (men) should not allow their teeth to touch the breast.

Speaking at an Anglo Gold Ashanti (AGA) sponsored cancer awareness programme in Obuasi recently, the Edubiase Queen Mother, whose comment was met with uncontrollable laughter, urged men to use their tongues in a steady up and down movement around the nipple. Nana Dwum II declared: “There will be war should men be barred from sucking breasts. We would be prosecuted one after the other if it comes to that.”

Still at her educating best, Nana Dwum, however, made a clear distinction between men who are “really exceptionally” good at breast sucking compared to those men who use their teeth. She cautioned women to be careful with men who use their teeth whilst sucking the breast, to avoid being hurt or injured.

“I will plead with you (women) to give him your tongue if you realize he is about to reach orgasm,” she advised, adding “when you sense your man is going wayward take away your breast and give him your mouth. “When he bites it, you also bite his, so that both of you will fast the following day.”

The queen mother pleaded with women to direct the men as to how best they (women) want it when the men are about to suck the breasts – “else just engage him with the tongue so that any bite would not have any serious repercussions on the breast.”

Nana Dwum also urged women to always do intermittent self-breast check-up at the hospital and called on AGA to organize such programs in all the traditional areas in the Adansi state and beyond.

Nana Amoanimaa Dede II, Queen mother of Adansi Traditional Area, advised women to give their breast priority attention to reduce the high fatality rate from cancer.

Nana Amoanimaa Dede II also corroborated the position of her New Edubiase counterpart that some men do not know how to suck the breast at all.

“It will not be out of place to hit your man hard to let him know it hurts, if he bites the nipples whilst sucking.”

Source: citifm

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