The Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Edward Doe Adjaho has ordered embattled deputy minister-designate John Kwabena Oti Bless to apologise to Chief Justice Georgina Woode over unsavoury comments he made about the Chief Justice in the Montie FM saga.

Bless was part of ministerial nominees shortlisted and recommended for approval by the Appointments Committee in its report presented to the House on Friday, July 29, 2016. He however became a subject of discussion in the Montie FM saga when Members of Parliament were debating the report of the Appointments Committee.

Joseph Osei Owusu, the MP for Bekwai, contributing to the discussion on the Committee’s report, cited Oti Bless in the saga and advised him to be mindful of his words so as not to denigrate any high ranking public official whenever he gets the opportunity to contribute to a debate on a radio program.

Parliament subsequently withheld the approval of Bless’ appointment to the position of deputy Minister for the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development for consultations over his utterances on th radio station.

Reacting to the issue of the comments about the Chief Justice made by the Nkwanta North MP at Parliament Friday August 5, Speaker Doe Adjaho asserted: “One of the last things that I would like is to have this House and the head of another arm of government having problems.

“I have therefore, behind the scenes, taken some steps in consultation which I have discussed with some members of the leadership of the house to see how this matter can be resolved. As a result of those consultation, it is important that the member of this House that made those statements must apologise”.

It remains to been seen if members of the House will change their minds on his appointment after he renders the apology to Chief Justice Theodora Georgina Woode.

Oti Bless’ vituperation as captured on tape
John Kwabena Oti Bless, Member of Parliament, Nkwanta North.

Following the sentencing of the Montie trio, it emerged that John Oti Bless was also on the June 24 edition of the ‘Pampaso’ political show of the Accra-based radio station on which the lives of Supreme Court judges were threatened.

He is captured on tape saying:

“Today, we have a CJ who because of a Political favour done her, will do anything to help the NPP. It is an agenda. The electoral commission should stop working and give it to Georgina Woode. Why? Meddling in the affairs of the Electoral Commission. And we have a whole CJ, look at how old you are; you have kids and grandchildren and yet you are at the Court doing politics; you deliberately appoint NPP Judges to do politics and scheme with NPP to give biased rulings. Are you not calling for war? Are you not calling for civil war? Are you not destroying this country?” he said.

He continued: “We have to watch this Chief Justice. My brother Mugabe, I am telling you, when you go to the Supreme Court today, the Chief Justice is fighting one worker all because of politics. Let me give you a last filla. Do you know that during the Election Petition case, these people made a plot to kidnap a child of Tony Lithur, who was lawyer for our Excellency John Mahama so he would not concentrate on the case?”

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