Kwesi Pratt has castigated Bishop Daniel Obinim for his insensitive public flogging of his amorous adopted children.

The Founder and Leader of the International God's Way Church, Bishop Obinim sparked public outrage after being seen in a video whipping his 14-year old adopted pregnant girl and her boyfriend in front of his congregation.

Bishop Obinim flogged the youngsters mercilessly with a belt as he persistently rained insults on them for having sex at that young age.

The unashamed man of God further asked his associate Pastors to take the baton and continue the public flogging on his behalf.

Addressing the issue on Peace FM's Kokrokoo, the senior journalist vented his spleen on the man of God.

Mr. Pratt condemned Obinim for molesting a pregnant lady, adding that it is against the laws of the country for any person to whip a pregnant woman.

According to him, flogging a pregnant woman could result in miscarriage and so believed Bishop Obinim acted in the most inhumane manner.

Mr. Pratt further noted on Kokrokoo that he's not afraid of the man of God, therefore will not overlook his outrageous public act.

“Many people are afraid to address Obinim. Because they have a belief that he might turn into a snake in the night and bite you, so they are afraid to talk about issues regarding his misdemeanors," he sneered.

To him, he will not serve the God of Bishop Obinim or any other deity that would turn his pastors into "angels" or "snakes" to bite people when they express their resentment over his actions and inactions.

" If all that God’s Angel like him can do is to turn himself into snake and bite someone because the person disagrees with him, then I won’t serve that God.

"If there’s a god in this world who can allow his angels to turn into snakes and bite people, I will never serve that God in my entire life. If that’s how God is; then let Him go His way for me to go my way,” Pratt fumed.

Source: peacefm

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