Kumawoood actor, Adu Kofi, known as Agya Koo has said that he remains unfazed by confessions of another actor, Kwadwo Nkansah, also known as Lilwin that he is the king of local comedy in Ghana.

Speaking on Adom Entertainment Hall last Saturday, Agya Koo said it was just good for Lilwin to give the necessary respect to him who is a senior colleague in the industry.

“I know am very good in acting and I can say that I am the king when it comes to acting because I was born with it, so what Lilwin said is the truth,” Agya disclosed.

According to him, his younger brother in the industry only confessed the truth since he (Agya Koo) has already attained higher feat in the industry by contributing significantly to the revival of the Ghanaian movie.

He again expressed the view that the time was up for the two to respect one other and also desist from the ‘pull him down’ attitude in the movie industry.

“Most of the people hate me for speaking the truth when I try to shape things in the industry; they make a lot of propaganda about me saying I charge too much. Others say producers have to give me alcoholic drinks before I go on set, which are all false. I can say I am the only actor who doesn’t drink”, he revealed.

He further commended some industry players like Maame Dokono, Kofi Adjololo and others for paying the way for them to follow.

Source: Ghana | Adomonline

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