Ace sound engineer, Morris BabyFace has questioned why founder and general overseer of the International God’s Way Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim would flog two members of his congregation for allegedly fornicating and aborting the baby in the process.

A video which has gone viral shows Bishop Obinim whipping the two in the full glare of his congregation and questioned why the jobless man got the girl pregnant.

After he meted out the punishment, Obinim ordered his junior pastors to remove their belts and also flog the two.

But Morris BabyFace who changed his name to Morris D’voice after his decision to live a life for Christ cannot fathom the basis of Obinim’s action.

Morris posted the video on his Facebook timeline with the caption:

Beating a pregnant woman???

So Obinim who claims to be an angel of God couldn’t deliver these people from the bondage of fornication/lust but had the guts to lash them publicly and allowed others to beat them too when he, was asking for forgiveness after sleeping with a pastor’s wife?hasnt this man done enough to be dealt with by the law? Well, this is what happens when you entrust your life to OBINIM….I am glad GOD lives and will judge all souls…

Meanwhile, Director of Amnesty International Ghana, Lawrence Amesu has described Obinim’s action as barbaric and criminal and is therefore calling for his immediate arrest.

“Bishop Obinim is going beyond his jurisdiction at this time. This is a criminal offence; he should be arrested by the Police,” he said on 3FM.

Haven’t watched the video? Watch below

Source: abrantepa

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