The Chiefs and People of Maame Krobo and Donkorkrom all in the Afram Plains in the Eastern region are calling on the Police administration to rescind the decision to withdraw police personnel from the area.

Last week, the residents went on rampage, set a Police station on fire and destroyed other property belonging to the Police.

This was after they accused the Police of shielding two of their own involved in an attempted robbery on a Ghana Commercial Bank Bullion van last Monday.

At a press conference in Accra, called by the police administration, they announced a withdrawal of their men from the area until the residents rebuild the police stations but the chiefs say this is unfair.

Nana Ohene Agyekum, chief of Maame Krobo in an interview said “If the Police say they are withdrawing their men are they trying to say that residents of Maame Krobo are not part of Ghana?”

“We are all Ghanaians. Since we came to live in the Afram Plains nothing of this nature has ever happened. The youth only got angry because they found out that the Police people are the same people behind all the rebel attacks here.”

His counterpart at Donkorkrom, Nana Akuamoah Boateng, shares the same views and accuses the Police of being behind all the attacks.

“For the past three years, there has been series of armed robbery cases. We usually attribute this to the Fulanis but the recent incident has taught us that it is not the Fulani people but it is the Police who always dress like Fulanis and attack people on the way. Each time there is an armed robbery and we call the Police, they feel reluctant to come. There is not a single day that a Police has arrested an armed robber. There is not a single day that a Police has arrested an armed robber there.”

“The IGP I would say is not trying to be fair. The people are very angry so the IGP should say something to cool the people,” the chief added.

Source: citifm

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