Kofi Adjorlolo 60 years plus and wife to be is 20 years plus, Victoria Lebene says age difference is not a problem oo!!.

Wife-to-be of actor Kofi Adjorlolo, Victoria Lebene who is in her late 20's says, despite the age difference between her and the former, she is bent on making their union a success.

Kofi Adjorlolo is in his late 60's.

“Age has never been an issue and that is the message we want to send across. We want to let people know and understand that love knows no boundaries and age is just a number,” Victoria said.

Narrating how they met, Lebene said; “The first time we met was on a film set. Unfortunately for me, I was very late and Kofi wasted no time in condemning that in front of everyone. I realised I was the one at fault and from that time, I knew I had to act professionally and comport myself on set.

“We met again on the sets of other movies and we began talking. We had respect for each other despite the age difference and the love grew from there,” Victoria said.

According to her, being with Kofi apart from the romantic angle, has also helped her improve her acting skills.

“He has been an actor for many years and provides important tips for me when we are on set. Such tips and directions have gone a long way to make me a better actress,” Victoria said.

Kofi Adjorlolo is highly popular in both Ghanaian and Nigerian films. Victoria is, however, not so well known but has managed to chalk a fair amount of success in Ghana.

Source: livefmghana

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