From Left Shatta Wale, Delay and K.K Fosu
Highlife musician, K.K Fosu has hit back at Shatta Wale after the dancehall artiste listed him among old musicians who were not smart during their heydays.

Shatta Wale in an interview with Delay remarked that some veteran musicians did not take advantage of their crafts but he being a smart individual did.

“Ex Doe was a hiplife artiste; Shatta Wale is a dancehall artiste. Shatta Wale is a business minded person; Ex Doe is not. Shatta Wale is a smart boy; Ex Doe is not. Shatta Wale is music inclined; Ex Doe is not. I play my beats; I don’t do cover songs. I make sure I save. I take my career serious,” he said.

When Delay asked if the likes of Tic Tac, KK Fosu and Kokoveli are part of artistes who were not smart, the ‘Dancehall Commando’ hit maker replied in the affirmative.

“Yes, they weren’t business minded. I’m taking advantage of the fame I have now. If I’m no more famous, I want to be seen working for a big company somewhere. We are in an industry where people enjoy going abroad. Four years down the lane you see them and wonder what happened. I feel most of the things the critics say is just out of envy. I have seen the downfall of many artistes because they weren’t smart,” he noted.

Reacting to the comments on Happy FM’s Showbiz Xtra, Saturday, KK Fosu had just a sentence for Shatta Wale.

“Somebody tell Shatta Wale to shut his big mouth,” he said.

Meanwhile rapper, Tic Tac has asked Shatta Wale to respect his [Tic Tac] brand instead of smearing it with mud.

“You have seen me doing some sort of businesses so in the end that should tell you that he is just picking on people. He is the type who likes to talk about fellow artistes in the way he did. I have disclosed my achievements in many interviews so I don’t repeat myself. My style is not to try and be on air always and blow my horn… I find it a bit weird to come on TV without checking his facts properly…Per his definition of ‘smartness’, I don’t fall in that,” he told KMJ on Hitz FM’s Daybreak Hitz, Friday.


Source: abrantepa

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