NDC Parliamentary candidate: Sophia Ackuaku

The National Democratic Congress Parliamentary candidate for the Domeabra-Obom constituency, Sophia Ackuaku has implored electorates of the area to vote for her and any presidential candidate of their choice in the upcoming election.

According to her, it is not mandatory for electorates to vote for President John Mahama because she has asked them to vote for her, stressing that “in life we all have choices. You can decide to vote for me and not vote for President Mahama; that is your choice.

Alternately, others can also decide to vote for president Mahama and not vote for me, but those who will do this must know that when it comes to development it is the MP that is at the forefront so if there would be any skirt and blouse voting at all it must not affect me.”

Addressing opinion leaders and youth groups at Tebu, a village in the Domeabra-Obom constituency, the eccentric Parliamentary Candidate said “this constituency is NDC stronghold but over the years you have not benefitted from the national cake that is why I am here seeking your support to bring you what has eluded you over the years. When you vote for the president and vote against me, the president cannot give you the development you want but if you vote for me an even if my president does not win, I will still bring you development.”

In a response to a question from one of the elders who questioned why President Mahama did not visit the Domeabra-Obom constituency during his recent Accounting to the People tour of the Greater Accra region, Hon Sophia Ackuaku retorted “what is the president coming to do here? There is nothing here for him to come and account to you. That is the more reason why you must vote for me so that I will bring some of those things that will attract him to come next time.”

The MP aspirant who was scheduled to be the special guest of honor for a football gala at the same community angrily stormed out of the meeting, claiming that organizers of the football competition disrespected her by not pre-informing her about the competition.

“How do you invite me to a programme without informing me? You invited me to come and meet opinion leaders; you did not tell me that aside this meeting you are organizing a football gala. I am not going to step my foot on that park. You can go and address them yourself,” the aggrieved NDC MP aspirant told one of the organizers.

Source: peacefm

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