Outspoken entertainment pundit and publicist, Rosemond Larweh aka Rossy has revealed her intentions to marry an uncircumcised man.

Rossy,a regular pundit on Hot Fm's entertainment show,"Hot and classic showbiz review", was expressing her stand on uncircumcised men during a one on one chat with Reagan Mends of razzonline

The well-versed entertainment pundit, Rossy indicated that she actually fancy the tradition of certain tribes whereby men are not circumcised.

She argued that circumcision is one of the reasons why most men have small penis and also the major cause of impotency:

"Oh,there is nothing wrong with uncircumcised men. I really like every man, whether circumcised or not.

"Actually, I like the tradition of certain tribes in Africa whereby men are not circumcised because to me unlike female circumcision, its one of the reasons why some men have small penis or becomes impotent..

"So Reagan Mends,yes, I will marry an uncircumcised man that is if I really love him but for now I'm dating ", Rossy told Razzonline.com

The most thrilling part of the interview was when Rossy failed to ascertain whether her boyfriend is circumcised or not:

"Hahaha..I wouldn't want to answer that cos like I told you earlier, every man whether circumcised or not remains a man. So my boyfriend is simply a man", She answered with humor.

Rossy advised women not to frown on uncircumcised men. According to her she is currently working on a Showbiz TV Show called "The Rossy Show" which is likely to start airing from January,2017.

Source: Razzonline

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