Report reaching the corridors of GHANASKY.COM and ACCRA24.COM indicate that, ace gospel musician Gifty Osei, who rocked Ghana’s gospel scene with her ‘Aseda’ album, born Gifty Oppong to Evangelist Agnes Annan, a budding actress, and Mr Samuel Oppong, both from Senya Breku in the Central region, advises "Don’t tell your partner about your past".

Gifty Osei is married to Prophet Elisha Osei, the General Overseer of the Blessed Generation Ministry at Tema, and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Blessed Productions, Gifty’s record label.  Gifty picks her husband as her role model, and Amy Newman as her favourite gospel artiste.

According to GHANASKY.COM analyst, this topic is 50x50 in terms of the world view, if one can't talke about his/her ugly past to current partner, then he/she can't be trusted for your future. How can one hide his/her ugly past lifestyle from his/her future partner and expect nothing happened in the future?.

Keeping the past to yourself gives wrong definition for the word "Oneness" - state of being unified or whole as stated by the Holy Bible.

What Gifty Osei said is good for some reasons - 50x50, that is the wisdom of the world but seeking for the wisdom of God is the best.

Let consider this true story of two marriage people:

There was a man who got married with a woman who went through a lot of abortion - deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks, in her youthful stage and her womb got damaged.

After some years later, she got married with innocent man, and the lady told him all the past story of herself.

Few years after the marriage, there was a problem with pregnancy and the man took the wife to hospital. After a period of time, the medical doctor took the woman to another room and asked, "My Sister there is a problem with your womb, can I tell your husband?".

The woman, who love the man and knew how strong the man was, said oh! yes, you can. After some years, the faith of the man got weaker and he started fighting the woman, he uses those past story to fight the woman. This is where Gifty Osei advised is seems good in terms of the worldly view.
Lack of spiritual maturity, lack of faith and christian altitude etc can also be the result of the man's action. That means every marriage must be fully grown in GOD, the ELOHIM.

"A man or woman who can stand with your ugly or dirty past, can walk through with you in the future whether good or bad" by GHANAZIP.COM

Below is what Gifty Osei said according  Live FM Ghana:

"Gospel artiste, Gifty Osei has advised partners to desist from telling each other what went on in their past relationships.

She said this during one of her live streaming sessions on Facebook.

“Don’t tell your partner about your past. Keep it to yourself. What ever happened is past and gone so do not make that mistake of bringing it into the new one.

“That person is not God and do not forget the human aspect of the person. A time will come and they will talk, also have it at the back of your mind that, the person is also human and can or has made mistakes,” 


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