Meet Besa Mumba, the teenage girl who is Zambia’s youngest commercial pilot

19-year-old Besa Mumba has become the youngest commercial pilot in Zambia after securing a pilot flying job with the nation’s scheduled airline, Proflight Zambia.

According to the young pilot, she first harboured the thought of becoming a cabin crew member when she was younger but later thought being in charge of flying the aircraft would be even better. She therefore enrolled in the South African Flight Training Academy in Heidelberg right after high school in 2013 and later took a more complex training at SIMU flight in Pretoria to obtain her Commercial Pilots Licence at the age of 18.

Born in December 1996, Mumba has become an inspiration to young girls and women in Zambia and across the continent, inspiring them to follow their dreams and reach for their goals.The 19-year old  has surpassed the record set by Kalenga Kamwendo who became the country’s youngest pilot last year aged 20. She follows in the footsteps of a number of illustrious female flyers, including Zambia’s first female pilot Yichida Ndhlovu, and Major Nina Tapula, who was the first female pilot in the Zambian Air Force.


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