When Chameleon changes its color, it's probably trying to broadcast its mood rather than escape or avoid or evade predators. Nevertheless, the animal kingdom is filled with amazing color-changers but here comes another electrical chameleon called "off and on", which most Ghanaian called it "dum sɔ". And according to Michael Adangba "Du msɔ" or  "Dumsor " is Dead.

Information reaching the corridors of GHANASKY.COM and ACCRA24.COM  through GHANAZIP.COM show that President John Mahama has killed "Du msɔ" or  "Dumsor " according to recent music by Michael Adangba. And all those who use dumsor for campaign or demo is over because Mahama has fixed it.

According to Michael Adangba in his music, a lot of Ghanaian Presidents couldn't fix dumsor problem but President Mahama came to fix it.
Dumsor is pronounced "doom-sore" (or more appropriately dum sɔ, "off and on") is a popular Ghanaian term used to describe persistent, irregular and unpredictable electric power outages.

The term is derived from two separate words from the AKAN TWI dialects of the Akan language (a language spoken widely in Ghana), dum (to turn off or quench) and sɔ (to turn on or to make light), so the term roughly translates as "off-and-on"

According to GHANASKY.COM analyst, Dumsor has socially and economically effected many Ghanaian companies, and they are collapsing due to the irregularity of the power supply. The Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research (ISSER), in a recent report, stated that Ghana lost about 1 million dollars in 2014 alone because of dumsor.

Electronic equipment has been unavoidably, damaged, and refrigerated food regularly spoiled. Health and safety have also been harmed, with hospitals having no light, and a lack of electricity to run fans, increasing malaria risk.

Dumsor negatively affected Ghana's hosting of the AFCON 2008
in actual fact, is Dumsor Dead? Michael Adangba And President Mahama?
According GHANAZIP.COM in 2007-2008 load shedding happened under President John Agyekum Kufuor's administration but was not too frequent as compared to the current situation under  President Mahama.

After the death of then President John Evans Atta Mills, when the persistent on and off nature of the power supply in the country became offensive and Ghanaians out of frustration named the situation "dumsor". There have been several promises from the current government to fix it, but so far they have failed to deliver.


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