According to GHANASKY.COM analyst,  Jérôme Boateng was better as a defender and a guardian for this current German Team, although he made some little mistakes but the whole problem of Germany team was lack of strikers and the fastness of central control passes.

In October 11, during UEFA EURO Qualifiers Group stage; Poland vs Germany was [2:0]
In September 04, during UEFA EURO Qualifiers Group stage; Germany  vs Poland was [3:1]
In June 16, during UEFA EURO 2016 Group stage; Germany  vs Poland was [0:0]

"The defense is better, but forward is not running much. Why Löw has gone into the tournament with this squad, throws after two games to issues."

"Die Abwehr steht, aber nach vorne läuft nicht viel. Warum Löw mit diesem Kader ins Turnier gegangen ist, wirft nach zwei Spielen Fragen auf."

A draw keeps Germany in the race to win the group, but the offensive seemed frightening harmless.
The defense is, but forward runs not much together. Why Jogi Löw has gone into the tournament with this squad and this concept, acting after two encounters puzzling than ever.

Again could not convince the German team in the offensive. As to Ukraine, the combination game brought a no chances, the overall design simple acts not necessarily, because on the flanks is little and in the center lacks the clout. If you play with three and a half tens and the Short Passes must be played much faster and much more accurate, but even in the time of extreme Tiki-Taka FC Barcelona were spectacular individual actions as Messi and a strong winger who dismantled the defense at the end , Overall, Germany seems tactically completely helpless in the game forward.

Müller and Özil: Much work, little income
The two more powerful player in the little world champion offensive are Mesut Özil and Thomas Müller - both work after a long season, although very much and strive to good actions - but coming out so far woefully little. Both are working to find the right into the tournament, quite possible that they also provide the during the tournament yet. But it is quite possible that Schürrle and Gomez as partners of the two in the starting lineup would be the better alternative and Götze would rather come as a joker against some tired defense formations advantage. Why Draxler plays is unclear - rather, one would want a refreshing use of minutes of the young Schalke Leroy Sane.

Source: GHANASKY.COM  but credit to Nico Stankewitz of yahoo

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