On Monday evening, video of KNUST students started circulating on social media. In the 2 minutes plus video, one male and one female were having sex, the lady’s face was shown but not the guy, with the lady making some gestures here and there. They crowned it all with one serious hot doggy.

It was alleged that the guy was the one who leaked the video and that the sex action was even more than the 2 minutes but he decided to edit it, remove his face from the video before releasing it.

The 2 minutes plus video did not go down well with the public and worst of it all when it was premiered on a giant screen at Independence Hall, one of the halls of residents in KNUST.

Celebrated movie producer, Leila Djansi who felt disgusted by what the students of KNUST did by premiering the video on a giant screen took to Facebook and posted,

'KNUST is supposed to be Ghana's premiere university. It is disgusting, that a large section of the student populace are so (I will keep it empty).

Your colleagues in other countries are inventing you're hosting premieres of a sex.tape of one of your students, and to really emphasize on this level of stupidity, you troop to the girls' hall to catch a glimpse of her! How are you so backward? So insecure you're ruled by your penis?'

'You should be ashamed of yourselves. For a top-notch university to be trending over a sex.tape. Not academic achievements. Tomorrow, they'll be in government'.

'No wonder other ignorant people of the world think Africa is backward. Take a seat with your ignorant partners!
Shame on KNUST!'

Source: thebigtriceonline

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