Information reaching GhanaSky.com and Accra24.com reporters indicate that, after JESUS, His followers/Disciples and the Apostles had left, Generals of God also came into the system with unquestionable holistic manifestation with unprecedented moves of God according to OFM Group of companies CEO.

Apostle of faith, Smith Wigglesworth who prayed for Dr. Lester Sumrall and Lester Sumrall prayed for one Man of  God, who also prayed for  Dr. Debrich Jeremiah Acheampong.

From GhanaSky.com analyst, Dr. Debrich beliefs in impartation.
According to Dr. Debrich; impartation is transmit, pass on, transfer or transport of  divine agenda into another vessel. Sovereign, divine impartation enables us to do what we've not been able to do for years.

 From Dr. Debrich, we all know that after ELOHIM created man, there was no means for man to operate, look, walk, see, dream, eat etc until man was imparted from God. It took the breath of God to cause a total activation of man's functionalities.

After Debrich Jeremiah discovered the Secret of Smith, he too became a man of prayer .

Smith Wigglesworth prayed every thirty minutes in His life according to one of his book and Debrich Jeremiah asked himself, what about if he is sleeping? but no man was around to answer.

In fact, Debrich Jeremiah Acheampong has experienced many Revivals in His meetings by the Grace of God in Africa, Europe, Asia etc and even within a period of four years together with one Rev.Dr., they was able to raise a congregation of about 10,000 members in the city of Kumasi Ghana, Revival burst forth, souls were running to be in Church services, some times most people arrived in the Church room one/two/three days before actual service start.

Creative Miracles was numbered as Dr. Debrich Jeremiah took the prayer group to Atwia mountains in the Ashanti Region of Ghana for days of dry fasting and prayers.
 Healing really became the bread of the people of God.

Finally Debrich Jeremiah left that big congregation to settle in the Capital city of Ghana (Accra), where one day, Revival outburst in one of our meetings and Dr.Debrich Jeremiah couldn't preach in that service, we could only sing songs to keep the atmosphere of God's presences. We couldn't closed the service at the actual time, so most went home late but still soak in God's presence.


"A woman who is currently in Holland said, She couldn`t stop to preach on the road, she was praying all night" - Madam Gladys Said so!

Most of our meetings in the Netherlands, Poland and other countries were characterised with unexplainable moves of God. REVIVALS in most cities such as Groningen in Holland; Rotterdam city, Drachten city, Zwolle city etc which you can only see few things on our youtube channel because of individual's private life.

In Rotterdam city the glory of God came to settle in the room, so sweet to live in the Presences of God.

Zwolle-city the fire of God was so great in the building, which you can read more on the Revival articles.

Other generals of God which one can not stop talking about them apart from our LORD JESUS CHRIST are:

Apostle A.A. ALLEN, a man Dr.Debrich Jeremiah watched his videos and was moved.
Before Rev.A.A. Allen goes to the pulpit in one of his videos, unexplainable Oil came upon his both palms (hands), which was real for others too see it vividly, followed with a Prophecy within the congregation and after this moment creative miracles took place, souls were saved from all kinds of problems.

Apostle Kathryn Kuhlman ministries show me, she really love God in the fullness of the Holy Ghost, she believed seriously in miracles, expect miracles, so she created the atmosphere for Holy Ghost to be big.

Not forgetting radical healing Evangelist JACK COE in the 1950`s; Apostle R.W.Shambach etc.

Evangelist Charles G. Finney`s visit to cotton factory moved many workers to burst into tears.
Many wept because Finney was coded with supernatural presences of God.

In the cotton factory, conviction of the Lord spread from room to room, due to that the owner of the factory told them to closed. We need more of such REVIVAL in our time.

The atmosphere of Holistic presence is where the Church need to live before this generation will see more moves of God than the past but too much Political and Religious ministries, Many are mistake indicators.

According to OFM Group of companies CEO; Dr. Debrich Jeremiah, Man was born to show the attributes of God, because we are coded with His Anointing.

Dr. Debrich Acheampong calls Believers to Stop using human mistakes to speak bad about other preachers and the body of Christ.

Some Christians purpose is to check mistakes of Ministers by putting the Bible side by side as a proof. We can consider such people as the Pharisees, Sanhedrin, Scribes etc in our time.

It was the Herodians and the Pharisees who joined their efforts to silence the ministry of Christ but JESUS overcame them. They were checking all that Jesus was doing and putting them side by side to their religious laws but Jesus was able to fulfilled His purpose on earth.
Estimated number of pharisees in Jesus time was about 6000.

Nicodemus (John 3:1) and Apostle Paul (Acts 23:6) were both pharisees by birth and training; The Pharisees were the exponents and guardians of both written and oral laws but in belief they were CONSERVATIVE. Most of the Pharisees of our time have nothing coded in the REALMS OF AUTHORITY to give this perishing world and the Church. It seems such Christians just like to be in heaven without transforming their generation with a legacy.

We need to LOVE and OBEY Holy Ghost, then we can live a maximum and excellent Christian life.
Bible says "this shall be written for the generation to come and people which shall be created shall praise the Lord" Psalm 102:18 KJV.

God gave mankind five assignment to be accomplish, no matter our passion or gifts or talents:
1. Fruitfulness (producing); 2. Multiplication (increasing in size); 3. Replenish (filling in again); 4. Subdue (control our purpose, money, world, nature, living & non-living things) and 5. Dominion (rule like kings and queens).

This assignment was given before the fall of man.
Thank Jesus for the Restoration He gave us through the Cross, his baptism, Resurrection and finally gave us eternal life.

Due to Adamic nature, man felt short of the glory of God and even all men as an unclean thing and all our righteousness are as a filthy rags but Christ came to restore man back to his Edenic Position.

Man no longer live in Sin but sinless through Christ as soon as we become born again but one need to grow in faith walk with Jesus.

JESUS gave man free inheritance of Salvation.

 Man is shifted from Dichotomous being (soul & body) to Trichotomous being (soul, body & spirit), that is total restoration in Christ.

We must live the life before the fall of man and not the life after the fall of man.


Source: ACCRA24.COM & GHANASKY.COM but credit to Dr. Debrich Jeremiah Acheampong.

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