Report reaching the corridors of ACCRA24.COM and GHANASKY.COM indicate that, Ghanaians are living in an era where both graduates and unemployment joined the political  streams of our time, just to make money from unimpeachable Ghanaians through their taxes and resources of the Nation. What a poor GHANA?.

The undercover plan of the ruling President John Dramani Mahama and National Democratic Congress (NDC) Occultic T-shirt for 2016 election is unfortunate.

Ghanaians are the final people to tell NPP or NDC or any other party what they think through voting.
The Political admiring uniformity in singing the same chorus or dancing to the same rhythm indicates, they are remotely controlled from the Seat of money. Money is still the ruler of our time, money directs others to kill, others to fight, others to do the unthinkable.

And if you reckon, these political zombies of Ghana are going to give in an election year, you will be sad. LET ARISE AND BUILD GHANA FOR GENERATIONS YET UNBORN!.

According to GHANASKY.COM analyst,  Akoma Agyei Nkansah exposed NDC Occultic T-Shirt, which is ready for 2016 election.

Mr. Agyei Nkansah instructed Ghanaians to reject any T-Shirt from NDC or Mahama's office, because they are Occultic T-Shirt for NDC 2016 Election and therefore, Ghanaians should watch out.

Mr. Agyei  said, he just kept the official image of the T-Shirt for some reasons but if Ghanaians still want to see it, he will release it.

NDC T-Shirts are still in occultic room at China - Agyei Nkansah



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