Lady and Founder of the National Democratic Party (NDP), Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings has charged all Ghanaians to vote out President Mahama and his ruling National Democratic congress (NDC) in the November 7 for mismanaging the economy.

Mrs Rawlings made the call Sunday at Atimatim in the Ashanti Region where she was addressing her party members .She alluded that the NDC government is a ‘caretaker’ farmer who sells farm produce and harvest some secretly for himself, family and friends to the detriment of the larger community that put him in charge of the farm.

He noted that the NDC government has brought untold hardship onto the people of Ghana and so the only way to restore hope to the economy is to kick out the NDC government in the pending November polls.

Touching on the issue of past records, she said President Mahama has nothing to write home about. She asserted that President Mahama , then vice President to late President Atta Mills presided over the botched STX Korea housing deal. Nana Konadu charged Ghanaians to advocate for a proper probe into the matter .

The NDP, she said is the only party which has the Nation at heart and that the slogan of the party, “Our Nation, Our Future” puts it into a better perspective. She entreated Ghanaians not to gamble with their future again by retaining the NDC in the November elections.

Nana Konadu also accused President Mahama of inadvertently campaigning ahead of the authorized campaign period through his “Accounting to the People Tour.”

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