Presidential Advisor on Corruption and Governance, Daniel Batidam has stated categorically that the Ghanaian populace expect too much from the government when it comes to prosecuting suspects involved in corruption.

‘Well it’s easy to say anybody is corrupt,… when it comes to prosecution that is where I think that sometimes we are expecting too much from the presidency or the executive arm of government in general,’ he explained.

Batidam dispelled claims that the government is shielding state officials and individuals involved in the infamous Smartty’s deal.

There has been public outcry over government’s failure to adhere to the Attorney General’s (AG) report which recommends that some individuals involved in the infamous Smartty’s deal be dealt with by the law.

‘…I wonder why anybody would think that the president would direct that an investigation be done into something if he intended to shield it. Why would the President in the first place want to bring out, you know the fact about something and then turn round to cover up, I think that is a bit difficult to fathom,’ he explained.

Asked on Ultimate breakfast show hosted by Lantam Papanko, why the document is not made public, he said ‘well I believe that from what I know, the Attorney General Marrietta Brew has made all the documentations around the issue available to the public through Occupy Ghana and other citizen groups that demanded for it.

In terms of the report as a Legal advisor to the President, you give some advice to the president which is meant for the president, you give information to the public that is of public interest.

Unless you are saying that whenever persons that are performing functions, requiring given different kinds of advice to the president, the president must tell everybody what they said. And especially when it comes to matters in which the president has said look the public needs this, this is an important matter, put in place an investigative machinery. Let’s know the fact, it was the president who instructed the AG to share all the information that was required by the public to the public,’ he explained.

He believes it’s the prerogative of the president to make public the document.

‘That is the prerogative of the president, who in the first place commissions the investigations. We should trust the confidence in what is happening, he has shown all his commitment, what am saying is that sometimes we are demanding certain things that are not in the domain of the executive,’ he said.

Source: ultimate1069

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