John Kudalor, Inspector General of Police
The authorities in Cameroon have denied entry to over 100 Formed Police Unit (FPU) of Ghana Police assigned to peacekeeping duties in South Sudan, according to reliable reports reaching The General Telegraph.

According to the reports, the over 100 police officers were arrested and deported by the Cameroonian officials on Wednesday on account of improper documentation.

Tension and frustration among members who were on the peacekeeping mission have reached its peak after they were allegedly deported by Cameroon on Wednesday.

The reports indicate that the over 100 police officers were stopped in Cameroon and grilled for over 4 hours before they were released.

It was also reported that some of the police officers who were on a chartered flight to Sudan for the peacekeeping were carrying AK47 and other equipment.

Sources within the Ghana Police Service say the frustrated police officers are angry at the way and manner the processes took place.

“We were due to Sudan for the peacekeeping mission. We were grilled for over 4 hours before we were deported back to our country. We believe that our officials did not do the proper documentations. The fact actually is that we could not go to South Sudan because we lack proper documentation period,” one angry police officer told this paper.

Director of Public Affairs of Ghana Police, Superintendent Cephas Arthur, when contacted confirmed the trip of his men to South Sudan on Wednesday but was unaware of their deportation.

He told this paper that, “I am not sure of the arrest and deportation. Our Formed Police Unit travelled to South Sudan, but I am not sure of the deportation,” he said.

However, deep sources within the intelligence agencies told this paper that the police were not arrested but were not given an opportunity to enter the country.

The source, however, confirmed that it was rather the officials of the Cameroon that denied Ghanaians entry.

The source said the flight did not land but immediately returned to Ghana.

“They were on a peacekeeping mission to Sudan, and when they were approaching Cameroon, Cameroon denied use of [their]

Source: The General Telegraph

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