Report reaching the corridors of GHANASKY.COM and ACCRA24.COM show that, the entertaining boxer, Bukom Banku was having a chat with JOYNEWS’ Francis Abban on the current affairs program, Pulse.

 Bukom Banku described the former President Rawlings as grandparent of the nation, who invested their energies in helping the sitting president.

Outdooring a new song in support of President Mahama's campaign, Bukom Banku was emphatic that, “President Mahama cannot lose this election”.

In the light-hearted 45-minute interview, the boxer spent time to explained his severe bleaching.

"I don’t like the black again, second-term" he said and reiterated his belief that President Mahama will make him Ghana's Ambassador to Germany if second term in office.

Bukom Banku wants to follow in the footsteps of famed but late music icon, Michael Jackson who also underwent serious complexion changes.

The once dark skin of Bukom Banku has been banished into pockets of dark spots around his knee area and ankles.

Turning fairer and fairer, the popular boxer wants Ghanaians to shut up about his new found love for bleaching.

It was inspired by his wife, he said.


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