"You want to go to court? Ask Afari Gyan" - Bismark Brown Bismark Brown, presenter of Breakfast TV on e.TV Ghana, has taken the President John Dramani Mahama and Charlotte Osei Chairperson of Electoral Commission to the cleaners for agreeing to rebrand the entire commission.

The presenter, popularly known as ‘BB’ was speaking on the ‘Open House’ segment of Breakfast TV on Thursday stated that the EC’s rebranding decision was misplaced.

“In your independence you can do what you want but we can also tell you what we want. Our suggestion to you Madam is that go back to the old order because these things are not necessary. It is unfortunate that the president commented on this matter and said it was unnecessary for us to be talking about logo. But he has forgotten that he is the one who is going to release money to pay for the cost of this rebranding ,” BB noted.

Source: Global Media Alliance

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