Report reaching ACCRA24.COM and GHANASKY.COM show that, there was no help for the animal. "Aponkye nu kraa Abrɛ".  Ghanaian funeral is not treated as an occasion for mourning but rather an opportunity to celebrate the deceased's life. According to GHANASKY.COM analyst, only few who are closed to the deceased used to feel or show sorrow for the death.

There's a funeral nearly every weekend in Ghanaian cities, as you’ll be able to tell by the clothing the locals are wearing. On Friday, the relatives wear red for the wake. On Saturday, they wear black for the burial. And when Sunday arrives, they wear white for the church service.

Many people believe the most expensive party they’ll ever throw will involve a wedding party. But a typical Ghana funeral can surpass that, growing as large as $15,000-$20,000. This goes to hosting all of the attendants with food, drink, entertainment, and renting furniture. As a hosting family of the deceased, Ghanaians are expected to look after everyone who comes to pay their respects. Those attending help offset this cost by donating money to the hosts in gratitude for the welcome and honor the the passed loved one.

Flyers and billboards aren’t just for commercial advertising in Ghana. A hosting family may use them to invite the whole city to the festivities, as they want as many people as possible to understand the impact their loved one had on the community. These methods are much more powerful than word-of-mouth or an obituary.

Traditional funerals in the country of Ghana tend to bring hundreds of attendees who may or may not have been direct close friends of the deceased. This is a community event––which tends to gather even more people in places where Ghanaian immigrants have large populations. This culture’s funerals are often seen more as meeting places to celebrate than a small service.

These events draw in the whole community in song, dance, and celebration of the deceased’s life. And with prices that surpass the total cost of weddings, they’re definitely moments to remember. According to GHANASKY.COM, many visitors even take way foods, drinks etc.


Source: ACCRA24.COM | GHANASKY.COM  Credit: Nat Amponsah

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