Ex-President Jerry John Rawlings has asked President John Dramani Mahama to step down from the presidency.
No Difference Between John Mills And John Mahama – Rawlings
There is no difference between the late President Mills and current President John Mahama in terms of how they run Ghana. This is according to NDC founder and former President Jerry John Rawlings. The former President made this statement in an interview with Nana Aba Anamoah of GHONE TV’s ‘state of affairs’ on Friday March 18 2016.

‘‘ When I look at him and look at this John Mahama, they have too many commonalities except that this John has not lined up people on the promise of a job to insult and fabricate things against me and my wife and family as Mills did. This John has not done that but that is not to say that John Mahama is not also going astray’, he stated.

According to the former President Rawlings, corruption under John Mahama is as serious as what prevailed under President Mills. ‘This President claims he is fighting corruption but I can’t really see that’, he stated.

The former President cited Alfred Woyome, a known NDC business man who was recently acquitted and discharged of criminal charges for a judgement debt corruption scandal by the court, for his position against the John Mahama administration.

‘I am glad the NPP was able to respond to that character called Alfred Woyome who was cleared of his criminal tendencies. I read somewhere that he said, I am aware of the millions of dollars that he has spent on the NDC party. I am not aware of that, but I am aware of the half a million euros that he has taken fraudulently from foreign groups by using my name.’

In an answer to a question of his personal knowledge of Woyome, Former President Rawlings admitted that he knew Mr. Woyome personally in the past when he didn’t know about his criminal tendencies. ‘I knew him in the old days when he used to come around and talk talk talk when I didn’t know about his dubious character’.

He called on Ghanaians to be wise and examine situations and the personalities before voting in the December elections. ‘Ghanaians must be very vigilant so that neither NDC nor NPP can misbehave during the December polls. President Rawlings Rawlings wished all the candidates in the November polls well and particularly praised the NPP’s Nana Akufo Addo for being a ‘bold character’.

Source: ghanarevealer

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