Customers of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) in Kumasi are planning to vent their spleen on officials of the company after weeks of erratic power supply leading to the destruction of gadgets and stalling businesses.

Many customers interrupted radio programmes in Kumasi Thursday to register their displeasure and served ample notice of attacks with the ECG also planning to increase security presence at their facilities across the region.

Power supply has worsened in the region in recent weeks and against the backdrop of a biting heat, many customers have been spending the night outside their bedrooms while risking robbery attacks.

But the ECG said it could not be blamed for the ‘dumping’ and has directed the concerns to its transmitting companies especially GRIDCO.
The regional PRO of ECG, Erasmus K. Baidoo, said the company was unaware of the recent load shedding and the crisis has hit them with a surprise.

Subsequently, the regional office is organizing a Customer Complaint Day on Saturday to deal with the issue and present the bare facts to customers.
It will also deal with issues concerning acquisition of metres, tariff applications and energy consumption among others.

A cross section of consumers told the Daily Graphic in interviews that the recent power outages were worse than the previous dumsor regime where people knew their off periods and therefore could plan their lives.

With the new situation, power could go off anytime and it is even worse at night. Consumers say their social lives have been interrupted and that they cannot watch their favourite European football matches.

Source: Graphic

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