President John Dramani Mahama has expressed government's disappointment in the West African Examination Council (WAEC) over the leakage of examination questions in the ongoing WASSE examination.

 Students in the Greater Accra and Eastern Regions reportedly had access to the examination papers between 12:00am midnight and 4:am on the day of examination through social media.

 The papers includes Oral English, Integrated Science, Social Studies and Physics. Social media was awashed with pictures of some students copying answers on their laps.

It follows recent announcement by WAEC that it was introducing a software to check cheating in exams this year.  A similar incident occurred last year but WAEC assured government that it will take steps to prevent a repeat of the leakage.

However the leakage has repeated itself and this President Mahama said is disappointing. He made the comments when he was speaking with a gathering in the Western Region as part of his ''Accounting to the People Tour''.

 President said, because WAEC is an independent body, it will not interfere in its operation but admonished them to put their house in order. He also called for the culprits to be sanctioned by the appropriate authorities. “WAEC is an independent body and so government can’t interfere in its operational affairs. But government wishes to call on WAEC to put its house in order,” the President stated. He continued: “It is most discouraging when students have prepared for three solid years only to be confronted with incidences of examination leakages.

 Last year in the BECE exams, the BNI was called to investigate an examination leakage and two people are being prosecuted. WAEC informed government that it is going to conduct reforms in its exams preparations. We are therefore disappointed at news of a possible leakage of the secondary school certificate exams.

We urge WAEC to urgently work to plug all loopholes to protect the integrity of the exams and I have asked the BNI to work with WAEC to deal drastically with anyone found culpable.”

Credit: RainbowFM

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