Customers of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) at Half-Assini, and neighbouring communities, in the Western Region, have staged a demonstration against what they describe as "outrageous, inconsistent and unrealistic bills".

The demonstrators, who mobilised from Half-Assini, Ekpu and Atwebanso, held placards, some of which read, "ECGfo Mo Ho Ada Adi”, “ECGfo Mo Awia Yen Akye,” “Oh God Save Us, Outrageous Bills.”

They were clothed in red and black attires and wore red head and arm bands, and sang Yani Abre, Yani Abre Ko o!", amidst brass band rhythms.

The three-hour-march, took the protestants to through the main street of the town to the District Assembly, the District Office of the ECG, and then to Akenya Egyanebo, where their leaders addressed them.

They later presented their petition to the District Assembly and the ECG.

The District Chief Executive (DCE) Mr George William Somiah, received the petition on behalf of the Government, while at the ECG, the District Manager, Alhaji Adamu Usumanu, took the copy for his company.

The Assembly member for Adonwozo, Mr Cyrus Wilson; and Mr Emmanuel Erzah, the Assembly Member for Enosi -Half-Assini, read the petition to the gathering.

According to the petition, ECG Customers who were previously paying between GH¢60.00 and GH¢70.00 monthly for their domestic consumption, had since January this year been paying between GH¢275.00 and GH¢472.00 monthly.

It said some customers who obviously consumed high electricity were paying lower tariffs than those whose consumption were lower.

It said, however, the rates for the units were not indicated on their bills for easy calculation of the tariff.

The petition said the March bills recorded "payment debits", with some amounting to GH¢500.00.

Even inoperational meters, it said, were generating tariffs. “For instance, Meter Number 0201244781, which has not been in use for some time now has been billed GH¢42.62 for March, although it shows no units consumed,” it said.

According to the petition, a customer who consumed 684 units in February was billed GH¢248.51; but this jumped to GH¢1,283.66 for March.

The demonstrators urged the customers not to pay their electricity bills until all the anomalies detected had been addressed.

They urged the ECG to suspend all disconnection exercises in the area and also appealed to the Manager to remain at post to meet customers to address their concerns.

The DCE, however, asked the demonstrators to calm down because he would take up the matter with the ECG for solutions to be worked out.

Source: GNA

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