Report reaching GHANASKY.COM and ACCRA24.COM indicate that, the New Patriotic Party(NPP) Member of Parliament for Assin Central, once-detained by the BNI and threatened with treason charges for indescribable speeches. A boy whose Uncles threatened to throw him into a pit latrine in objection to a proposed marriage between his mother and a father who was rich by village standards.

According to GHANASKY.COM analyst, Kennedy Agyapong defined success as
“how well you place yourself in society to affect people's lives”. You would want to read over this definition again. Success is positioning and an effect. Now we have a yardstick to evaluate the man.

You can imagine what an opportunity to travel to Germany and America in 1984, can do for a young man like Kennedy Agyapong, who sold P.K, chocolate bars, blades and buckets on the streets of Accra.

The man worked two jobs - a bakery and gas station, earned $400 a week (without a green card). He saved $100 of this small fortune and bought his first taxi. Out of a bakery, a gas station and a taxi, Kennedy Agyapong bought 8 taxis in 7 months. He used $ 3,000 he saved from these 11 sources of income to buy auctioned cars at $1,500 and shipped them to Ghana for sale.

From GHANASKY.COM, Kennedy Agyapong  recently had the opportunity to talk and below are some of the things he said, which made most Ghanaians thought he brags a lot.

1. Kennedy Agyapong says his bed for sleeping worth $80,000 US Dollars, which is equivalent to 3.12billion old Ghana Cedis.

2. Kennedy Agyapong said that he pays $50,000 a year as tuition fees for her daughter in a US college and his slippers alone is worth thousands of dollars.

3.  Kennedy owns a Rolls Royce which he bought for close to 8 billion old Ghana cedi as well.



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