A 28-year old woman (name withheld) claims she has decided to go into a lesbian relationship after her long time boyfriend dumped her a week to their wedding.

According to the lady, her relationship with the boyfriend was doing very well even before her boyfriend travelled to the States and she was therefore shocked to discover that her husband to-be decided to end their relationship when upon his return to Ghana.

Narrating her ordeal to Adom News, the worried lady said before their wedding, it was rumoured that her boyfriend was having an affair with a lady in Ghana whom he had engaged.

She continued that after confronting him, the man confessed to her and decided they end their relationship since he is ‘in love’ with the other lady.

“We have planned everything as far as our wedding was concerned and so all the necessary arrangements towards our wedding had already been done and therefore I find it hard to accept that my man could ever do this to me,” she said.
She indicated that all efforts by family members to get the man to rescind his decision proved futile.

The shock landed her in the hospital for weeks as she struggled to get over the trauma.

As a result, the lady has vowed not to go out with any man because she believes “men are not faithful” and would engage in lesbianism.

“I’m tired of men now and the sound of their names put me off and so I have decided to give my life, my love and everything to a lady who I have started seeing. I am heartbroken and cannot take it anymore” she cried.


Source: adomonline

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