Information reaching GHANASKY.COM and ACCRA24.COM indicate that, Bishop Obinim's TV station "OB TV" is back on air and online live.

But according to GHANASKY.COM analyst, parliamentary aspirant Diamond Appiah just wrote on here Instagram page, by calling Afia Schwarzenegger Dog, indirectly.

Below was what she wrote together with video:

"BREAKING NEWS !! My Dog Valentina aka Afia monkey has suffered a heart attack after hearing OBTV is back on air, How on earth can u fight the kingdom of God and win, Do u have ur job back?? No 😂😂 Your Still jobless as f***K cos our God wins all day. She is not the only one on this oo, Some of the so called Pastors who don't have television networks but due to Jealousy n Pull him down syndrome were also Jubilating when the incident happened are also mourning under their Canopies n waterlog church premises right now 😂😂😂 A lesson learnt here is that the Devil can never win a war against any Child of God. The Story of Jesus Christ tells all of us that he went thru persecution,was mocked,was even spat on n cruficied n just when his Enemies taught they have finally gotten rid of him n were Jubilating over his Death.. He rose on the Third Day to the Glory of God. Behold OBTV is also Risen to the Glory of the Lord !! #Still Godwin"


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