I Can Now Side With Ola Michael That Brother Sammy's Accident Was Actually Fake, In-fact This Guy Is a Bloody Liar and a Disgrace To The Ghanaian Gospel Music Fraternity and Christianity as a Whole.

I Will Not Dispute The Fact That An Accident of a Sort Might Have Happened at Sefwi Asawinso in the Western Region on April 2., The Pictures That was brought out from Sammy's Supposed Accident Scene was faked and not real calculated to get Public sympathy and Hype Or Just to Pull a publicity stunt for his upcoming “Aseda Concert” in Kumasi
Just Yesterday Sammy Released Photos of His Newly Acquired Hammer 3, Days after crushing his Highlander and He Shot Himself in the foot by Confirming his Accident Picture were Faked and Exaggerated With The Pictures

Now My Questions

1. Where Is the Mark (sores) on his cheek and right arms which had blood stained plasters, in the accident Picture?

2. Which nurse or doctor dresses those wounds with blood stains on the plaster? Did they Use Delay or Gino Tin Tomatoes? Why wasn’t the medical officer who attended to him, well trained to first stop bleeding before dressing? Or he want to tell us the Medical Professionals in the Western Region Don't Know Their Job?

This Guy Is Simply a Criminal With a Musical Talent and Must Be Brought To Book, This Is Ada Part 2

His Career is at a Verge, A Gospel Musician who rant curses?
This Curse Doesn't Work

(I Wrote This On Fact Not On Personal Hatred and It Should Serve Us an Advice To The Other Gospel Musicians---I Actually Mceeing /Hosted The Obaapa Christy Live In Concert Which Featured Him Last December, so No bad blood. But Truth Is #1

Source: Gilbert Anaane

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