Unemployed nurses across the country have vowed to stalk the president and his appointees to remind them about their state of joblessness.

Over 2,000 nurses across the country are without jobs three years after graduating from school. The nurses say all attempts to get employment at the government hospitals have failed.

Worst still, these unemployed nurses cannot apply to private hospitals because they have been bonded as part of their training as nurses.
They were asked to go and pick recruitment forms from the various regional health directorates but to their utter shock there were no forms at the various directorates.

On Monday, the coalition of unemployed nurses held a press conference announcing their frustration and a plan of action to stalk the president, his vice, the health minister and his deputy to put their plight before them.

Adams Masahudu believes this will help in solving their problems.
"Wherever his Excellency the president goes across the length and breadth of the country we will make sure our presence is felt.

"We will go and welcome him with our placards and our uniforms to remind him about the commitment of government to the bonded nurses.

"Also apart from his Excellency, his Vice, the health minister and his deputy, where ever they visit to perform official duties we will be getting to them and show them our problems," Coalition spokesperson Adams Masahudu told Joy News' Beryl Hesse Richter.

He dismissed fears their intended action will be in breach of security, arguing there will be no bigger security threat to a country than unemployment.

"I wonder where that security breach is coming from. We have a lot of unemployed people on the streets which is more than any other security threat we can talk of. That is the area we should be looking at," he rebutted.

Public Relations Officer of the Health Ministry Tony Goodman told Joy News the Finance Ministry has given clearance for a number of the aggrieved nurses to be employed.

He would however not say how many people have been cleared, except to ask the aggrieved nurses to be calm.

Source: Myjoyonline

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