Agya Koo for the past years has been talking a lot about movie producers plotting to sideline him from the industry. He mentioned names of many movie producers, which created a problem between him and these producers, but according to reports, he has solved his issues with such producers.

Agya Koo is still talking so lets give him a listening ear. The veteran actor on Ash FM in Kumasi has stated that his absence on the screens has given room for many telenovelas including Adom TV’s Kumkum Bagya.

He told King Eben during the interview that these telenovelas are polluting the movie industry.

    “I will say this over and over again that, if they (producers) were still using me, there wouldn’t be Kumkum Bhagya and the likes on our local screens”

In a separate interview with Christian Agyei Frimpong on Accra based Onua FM, Agya Kooo revealed that Ghanaian movies reigned the African movie industry years ago when he was vibrant. To him, the quality of Twi movies keep depreciating by day.

    “No country could be compared to Ghanaian movies 10 years back because we conquered Nigerian movies. Producers from these foreign countries brought huge sums of money just to get me but I rejected all because I wanted to help my country.”

He continued that “they have lost, keep losing and they will continue to lose because we used the love we had for the industry to work”

Credit: zionfelix

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