Lord Osei (R) is Against Nacy (L) Solo and is devilish music.

As GHANASKY.COM and ACCRA24.COM made another an act of travelling from one place to another in the tech world, we find unexpectedly another Ghanaian Gospel artiste and music  producer Nacy, who has revealed his intention to embark on a solo musical career. Nacy move as Solo is no longer focus on GOSPEL MUSIC.

 According to GHANASKY.COM analyst, a man that has given leadership to many Gospel musicians, music groups such as 'No Tribe', 'School fuor' and 'Worship Leader' etc turns into another world of music called "High Life".

Mr. Frank Owusu, manager of "No Trib" try to defend on GTV, that Nacy is now going after his dream as a musician, that means GOSPEL music was for a purpose.

 From ACCRA24.COM - Nacy, who refused to reveal whether he would continue with gospel music or not  but it seems  his other partner was not so excited about Nacy current move in music industry. This move will give bad image .

Nacy is pursuing his music dreams, and he can do any music according to Frank Owusu, the manager of No Tribe. Frank said Nacy is into business of music, so we should expect more coming from Nacy, such as reggae music etc.

Lord Osei is Against Nacy Solo and is devilish music.

Some have voice to sing but they choose to do other things, Nacy must learn from Majid Michel case. Over 2 years now, popular Ghanaian Actor Majid Michel, who was admired by many people,  has lost his Voice, one may ask WHY after this years?.


Nacy Is No More GOSPEL Singer - OFMTV.COM
Nacy Is No More GOSPEL Singer - OFMTV.COM
Posted by GhanaDom.com on Saturday, March 19, 2016

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