Many Ghanaian Diasporas have asked how long it will take the government to address the current passport shortage. Besides the inconvenience to her citizens, it is not understandable how the government can afford to lose such huge income. Could it be due to negligence?

The Ghana Embassy in the United States has directed individuals wishing to travel to the West African country to apply for Travel Certificates instead of Visas as they work to resolve the passport-printing crisis that has bedeviled the outfit. The embassy has been unable to print passports for a long while causing massive discomfort to Ghanaians and other travelers seeking to come to the oil producing country.

Starr News sources say most travelers, especially Ghanaians seeking to go home for the Easter festivities have been left stranded. The embassy has not yet disclosed the reasons for the failure to print passports. However in a notice posted at its premises, the embassy said it is working round the clock to fix the challenge which has existed since last year.

Below are details of the notice:
The embassy of Ghana hereby informs that due to technical challenges the issuance of Ghana passport is temporary on hold. Whiles we work tirelessly to resolve this challenge, the embassy takes this opportunity to express our sincere apologies for the inconvenience. You may have to apply for travel certificate in writing. Now this comes with its own issues.

1. Not all airlines accept travel certificates

2. You can only use it for a one way trip to Ghana only

3. You will have to make your own arrangement to get a passport once you get to Ghana

4. The fee for travel certificate is $50

Credit: topafric

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