Adrienne Bailon caused a social media frenzy when spotted with Gospel Hit Maker Israel Houghton at Mexico's Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa yesterday! The 32 year old 'The Real' Co-Host is Single has a beautiful and natural body that others with less than perfect bodies seem intent upon shaming! We've got so used to glorify Fake Bodies that we shun the normal. As for her pairing with Israel (44) we do have reservations that have nothing to do with looks or even the age difference but more so he just ended a marriage of 20 years due to his admitted infidelity and she's coming fresh off a six relationship and broken engagement. Nonetheless they are both grown and free to figure out their lives as they choose.

Israel Houghton Explains His Relationship With Adrienne Bailon
The gospel artist took to Facebook to address rumors that he and Adrienne were creeping on the low while he was married. Houghton defended his new relationship, asking the gossip mill to stop blaming Bailon for the end of his marriage.

In the midst of all that's going on in the world... Suffering, terrorism, deciding a future for our country, and making the world safer; It is sad that I am even having to address this matter... I understand that gossip and salacious untrue speculative stories are far more interesting and entertaining than the truth & facts. But, it's incredibly unfair to allow someone to carry the burden, blame & shame of something they had nothing to do with...
I met Adrienne Bailon a bit over 2 years ago, we worked together & became friends... Our circles connected & we remained good friends. From a friendship, as two single adults we have very recently begun to explore a dating relationship.

As I previously wrote in a statement I released a while back, My marriage had been over for quite some time before going public with my divorce announcement.
Where I shared, or as some have pointed out 'over-shared' my failure in my marriage... From over 5 years prior. It seems to be simple math that I had not even yet met Adrienne during the time my marriage was falling apart.

It deeply saddens me that an innocent party would be dragged into this situation that I have taken personal responsibility for. Adrienne is a woman of integrity & character... Most of all she is a true friend, and she should not be blamed for my past indiscretions. I assure you - I am willing to own my wrongs and I have in the past. God knows & sees all things. I appreciate your prayers, and I join you in praying for the issues of life that truly matter today all over the world.

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