Report reaching GHANASKY.COM and ACCRA24.COM through OFM Computer World at www.ofmcomputerworld.com, show that many Ghanaians, Nigerians, Africans etc just upload music of most musicians, movies, data etc without the legal rights.

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Therefore, most Musicians are not making money out of their hard working. They launch their albums today, before you know all music is uploaded on youtube or facebook. According to GHANASKY.COM, an European company which is legally registered is ready to work and help all Musicians, Content Owners to claim their videos or delete them from youtube. And all the legal action will be take by OFM Computer World Europe. For more about how you can take legal action about your music, movies, or personal video materials online you don't like, contact: OFM Computer World Europe through this link: http://ofmtv.com/contact/us.html OFM Computer World is partner with major companies across the world to bring you the best services as never before.

Can I register a name/title?

No. Names, titles, and short phrases by themselves are not subject to copyright. However, if they are combined with images and/or graphical design elements then they may be registered through OFM Computer World Europe . You may be able to register a name, title, or short phrase as a trade mark. The institutions handling these matters will vary from nation to nation and you should consult an IP lawyer in your local jurisdiction for advice.

Are registered works protected internationally, or do they have to be registered separately in each country? Is my country signed up to the Berne Convention?

If your work was created in one of the 162 nations which are part of the Berne Convention then your work will be protected in all other Berne Convention nations. It is therefore not necessary to seek protection in each individual nation. The vast majority of countries are signed up to the Berne convention, however nations which are not signatories of the Convention are outside the scope of the Global Rights Office. You would need to consult a qualified IP lawyer regarding them if they are of concern to you. But if not contact OFM Computer World Europe. Countries signed up to the Berne Convention Worldwide:
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Help fight copyright piracy. Copyright piracy is a crime. Make sure you're doing your bit to fight the copyright pirates by registering your work for copyright protection as soon as it's finished. For more information, click here
Everyone has the right to be secure against unreasonable search or seizure.
  Example of Musician OFM Computer World Signed legal Right With:


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