Tension is mounting in the North Tongu District of the Volta Region due to a supposed rift between the constituency organiser of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the District Chief Executive (DCE).

To this end, the organiser, Dominic Adoboe, has reportedly initiated a campaign to remove the DCE, Delphia Fafa Agbai, from office.

Mr Dominic Adoboe, who addressed a crowd in the Bator market, accused the DCE of disrespecting the chiefs of the area, disregarding party structures, abuse of power and lack of concern for the NDC party as whole.

The organizer, popularly known as Osama, and a group of young people in the Bator area who claim to be concerned activists of the NDC, had pleaded with President John Dramani Mahama to relieve the DCE of his post.

Failure by the president to do so, they have threatened to boycott all party activities and programmes and the upcoming limited biometric registration exercise. They would also close all zonal and the two party offices in the constituency.

More so, there would be a series of protests and demonstrations in all the six traditional areas until the DCE is removed.

DCE’s Defence

When contacted, the DCE denied claims made against her, which also included the use of her residence as a bakery and business centre, indiscriminate transfer of staff and poor implementation of development projects, among other alleged malfeasances.

She said, “I have never insulted any chief …all my chiefs are my boyfriends. If that is not so, why will they all attend the 6th March parade of the district?” she wondered.

She said her affable nature is what had made it possible for both staff and party members to eat always in her home. “I cook for them always, including Osama who has also eaten from my kitchen severally,” Fafa Agbai revealed.

She described her district as one of the best in the region and challenged the youth to go round and do a comparative analysis of projects in the district with others in the region. She said there is no single community connected to the national grid without street lights.

She mentioned a catalogue of projects either completed or ongoing in the district which had evenly been distributed in the six traditional areas, some of which are the District Assembly office (almost completed), CHPS Compound, schools, bore holes and electricity extension.

Some of the Chiefs in the area who spoke to DAILY GUIDE also dissociated themselves from the claims of the NDC organiser and the Bator youth. They served notice that they would soon come out to set the records straight.

Source: Daily Guide

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